Two-day conference about the urban development in Brno, which deals with everything that influences the quality of life in a city – be it mobility, environment, architecture, economic development or accessibility of services and culture. Brno fails in solving its most burning problems. Therefore, this event invites experts from abroad who have coped with similar issues elsewhere. The aim of the conference is to come up with a sustainable plan for the development of Brno.




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Plan for Mobility

Tuesday 26th September 2017

Brno by car or Brno by bike?

The topic of transport in Brno is in the spotlight. Local drivers, cyclists as well as pedestrians complain about the quality of Brno’s infrastructure. However, this is not a Czech speciality. Many West European cities have had problems with transport as well. For instance, Danish cities Copenhagen and Aarhus, Austrian Vienna or German Leipzig all faced a difficult mobility situation in the past.

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Plan for Your Street

Wednesday 27th September 2017

Green Brno or concrete Brno?

Brno has a great city centre. A wide range of services, pulsing gastronomic and cultural scene, as well as high quality public spaces attract an increasing number of people into the historical city core. Unfortunately, this is not true of the other town districts. They often lack pleasant public spaces, cultural institutions or facilities for social activities. Peripheral parts are simply not “lively”.


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Good Cities
September 2017
University Cinema Scala and Moravské square

A travelling exhibition Good Cities, managed by the platform Good Cities ( in cooperation with the Embassy of Denmark in the Czech Republic. The exhibition consists of two parts: exterior Copenhagen Solutions, curated by the City of Copenhagen, and interior Good Cities, curated by the platform Bicycle Innovation Lab. The exhibitions should boost public discussion about the quality of life in Czech cities, especially when it comes to mobility solutions.

Public Space_CZ Urban Landscape
27. 9.–27. 10. 2017
Brno Gallery of Architecture

The topic of jeopardised urban public space and its possible renewal is nowadays a staple of urbanistic discussions in many countries. Also in the Czech Republic, there exist many interesting projects bringing public space back as a key issue of urban planning. The burning questions span from how to find appropriate form and use of public spaces to how to strengthen the social role and aesthetic quality by architectural means. The exhibition will introduce the best implementations of public spaces in the Czech Republic in the last 25 years. Meanwhile, it aims to discuss fundamental problems faced by public spaces today, e. g. privatisation, commercialization, neglected areas, or a persisting preference for the needs of individual car owners.


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Plan for Brno

26th and 27th September 2017
University Cinema Scala, Moravské square 3, Brno
Brno Gallery of Architecture

Starobrněnská 18, 602 00 Brno
+420 542 211 701

Zelný trh 13, Brno
+420 542 215 151